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The Virtues of Sha’baan – Laylatul Baraa Shabbe Baraat Nisfu Sha’baan

May 2, 2017 by admin in Breaking News with 0 Comments

This year the Nisfu (15th) Sha’ban will be celebrated on the night following Thursday, May 11, 2017. At Cary Masjid there will be special prayers during the night. The program starts following the ‘Maghrib prayers at 08:15 pm. Please join us in this blessed night of Mercy.

The 15th night of Sha’ban is a very blessed night. According to a Hadith Shareef, the name of this Mubarak night is “Nisfu Sha’ban” which means 15th night of Sha’ban. This night it is also known as   Laylatul Baraa’ah, meaning the Night of Salvation.  In the India/Pakistan sub-continent it is known as Shabbe Baraat. On this night AllahSWT opens 300 gate of Mercy. It is the night of seeking pardon and repenting to Almighty Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely settling the mind that one will never commit sins in the future. All the deeds that are against Shari’ah must be totally avoided so that our Dua and Istighfar will be accepted. On this night RasulAllahSAW made the following dua: ‘O Allah! I seek refuge in Your forgiveness from Your punishment, and I seek refuge in Your pleasure from Your annoyance, and I seek Your refuge from Yourself.  I cannot praise You in the manner that You deserve. You are exactly as You have defined Yourself.

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