Brother Abdullah Khadra is no longer part of Cary Masjid, we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Islamic Center of Cary

1076 W. Chatham St.
Cary, North Carolina

Islamic Center of Cary

1076 W. Chatham St.
Cary, North Carolina

IQRA Academy




  • 3-days a week: Mon/Tue/Wed.
  • 20 classes between June 15 and July 28.
  • 2 classes each day, 45 minutes each, with 10 mins break in-between 
         Arabic = 11:00 to 11:45am
         Islamic Studies = 11:55 to 12:40pm
Accepting students from 1st to 12th Grade!


Tuition is $75 per student for the entire program. (Siblings: $50 each) 


► IQRA Academy Summer Program Registration
►  Online Payment 




Islamic Association of Cary is pleased to invite people of all ages to join us and learn together how to read and memorize the Qur'an:
  • For Kids: 3 sessions every week. Each session will be hour-long.
  • For Adults: 2 sessions (weekday & weekend). Each session will be 2-hr long.
One-on-one classes with senior male and female teachers, who are well-known in the TRIANGLE Community and experienced in teaching Quran for a couple decades.
For Quran reading classes, its $50/month - 12 sessions.
For Quran memorization, the Fee is $100/month - 12 sessions.
► Fee can be paid online, at (select 'IQRA QURAN Memorization')
► REGISTRATION LINK: IQRA QURAN Reading & Memorization - evening Classes



Educational programs survey


Islamic Association of Cary (Cary Masjid) is pleased to announce collaboration with Islamic Educators locally and with other Masajid. 

Please fill the SURVEY to help us arrange for additional programs.